Friday, May 13, 2011

Kenny chesney Donating concert to tornado fund in alabama

Blog Update:

Now i know this blog is ussually filled with any article of recycling or earth positive result. Now this makes me think that this is good effect on humanity and should be shared. I personaly amd a big fan of the country singer kenny chesney. If you have been watching the news, the lower souther east states have been hit with tornados and hurricanes. This year alabama was hit really hard with tornados. Kenny chesney is showing his humanitarian efforts by donating the profits on his concert all to help with relief efforts. Not only do i love this mans music, but his spirit to help others as well. I for one am all for the helping of others.

Learn from others in great ways, do as some do, and be nice and treat people good.

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Thank You all for reading, thank you kenny for being a good example.








kenny chesney donates to alabama relief fun with concert profits

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