Sunday, May 22, 2011

GM annaouces using ladfill gases to run facility

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Hope all is well, everyone and all your families.

This is great news, not only have i always been a GM guy, Chevrolet. I have always loved corvette, ever since my father and i worked on cars in the garage always wanted a corvette, a chevrolet, icon of america. I understand GM has needed help, in most ways so does everyone at one time or another. GM has announced that they will begin using 40% of landfill gases to run its plant. This innavative approach is something other companies should consider. Other company such as sunchips have taken another approach and began using solor power to run there facilities. All i can sya is good for them, glad they are looking in to better ways to ease the load of use of oil, gas and other dependants.

GM, way to Go!!!

To read the story here - Waste Recycling News

GM Announces will use landfill gases to run its plants, Go GM!!!

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