Thursday, October 8, 2009

Recycling Days are Ending, or Working Harder

Recycling Days are Ending?, or Working Harder

The recycling world is getting smaller and smaller for electronic equipment.
Every Electronic recycler can not tell you they havent noticed this.
In the new world electronics are getting smaller and smaller.
Ten years ago, the average computer was the size of a small suitcase.
The new computers, no way near such, now the sizes of shoeboxes and smaller.
Look around everyone, no one can denie such.
Cell phones are so small people loose them.

If you really sit back and look, not only electronic recyclers will ask that question, even auto recyclers, and other recyclers.
The average car now, doesnt container half the metal it did ten years ago.

Everything is being made more and more from easy materials such as plastics.

So, i am not too sure if the recycling world will ever come to a end, but one things for such, unless agencies, organizations and companies begin horting electronics.

One Guarentee is, If in fact recyclers can survive, the fact is we will have to work much harder.

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