Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Questions


Recycle Yay!!

Ewaste is a very large problem across the world.

One Major questions that HELPS the enviroment everyone believes is?

How much waste is saved by everyone reselling on websites?

Weither its online auctions sites or classifieds sites. All the sites listed below is doing a good service, there is no question. The question is how much ewaste is acually being saved by reselling. recyclers have always really wanted to know. I know, i know, i know, some people say, why care, any saved from needing to be disposal is a WIN, very very true. But it just makes you curious doesnt it? In the recycling community, there are of course ESTIMATES to how much surplus will need to be disposed of this year. Some estimates are 14 million ton, others day 17 million tons.

BUT i guess the main answer is, who does care, haha.

Any items that can be reused and resold is HUGE win for the Enviroment!!!

So if you are interested in reselling check out some of the great sites below!!

If you still want to recycle and rather not deal with the hassel of reselling, well then contact us or your nearest recycler!!

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