Thursday, March 10, 2011

Turning Old trash in to Sur Boards, FANTASTIC Idea!!!

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Just came across this article from our good friends over at . That site is one great site, staying ahead of the game with information involving the earth. This one touches me right through the heart. I grew up near the ocean, the smell, the sound, the clear blue water. I was lucky as a child to be raised near the water and miss it today.

This is a FANTASTIC, beyond Great Idea, a surfer has decided to take the issue of trash on the beashes to a new end. The surfer has started a company to make surf boards from trash on the beash. GREAT GREAT GREAT Idea. They are reusing glass , plastics and more that are washing ashore, and making some of the most beath taking surf boards. I can't think of anything better, keep up the great work, go check them out!!!

Spirare Surfboards



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