Saturday, November 22, 2008

Recycling RecoveryTTA

Welcome everyone, Thank You Fore Reading our blog.

One of the greatest problems people do not want to deal with is the enviroment. There are so many times i cant tell you, we talk to individuals about throwing things away. There are instances people look at others as if they have a third head. The facts are life is changing, america for one. People are just so busy, and stressed and full with there own lives. Then to ever want to be bumbardened with other efforts. If there were more strict laws, govn got involved more. That would of course change.

As i grew up on a military base, we were required as we were given recycling bens. Why can people just place the recycle cans or plastics, if you are provided the bens. Well, if it were only that easy right? People just dont understand, or just dont care. I have been seeing the effects for years. We at RecoveryTTA try to do a part of only one small strickle in the recycling chain. We focus on the ewaste aspect of recycling. ewaste is very dangerous, very common. Everyone these days practicly has a cellphone, computer or other electronic device. People are acually stunned or look as if you have a third head, if you state you dont have any these days.
As these times are changing and devices get smaller, more common, they gather in quantity of course. After a old unit needs to either be replaced or, disposed of or upgrated. Those units need to go somewere, thats were we come in, we handle that for you. If you are interested in reading more, please check our a more exstensive view at our website.


View of our processes

Needing ewaste recycled.

Thank You for reading, i hope you recycle somewere.




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